Skills and Academic Support Program

The Skills and Academic Support Department (SAS) provides an individualized program of support so that students can successfully meet the challenges of work in high school, and beyond. The SAS curriculum focuses on the specific academic skills and strategies needed for success in high school and college. SAS learning specialists work with students so they:

• Master course content
• Strengthen organizational skills
• Managing time efficiently
• Plan projects effectively
• Prioritize tasks realistically

SAS is taken as a scheduled class which meets during the academic day, three times a week as part of a student’s normal schedule. Each class includes group discussion of study strategies and skills, such as note taking, textbook reading, test preparation, computer literacy, and problem solving, with ample time reserved for students to work on their individual class assignments. With a student-teacher ratio never greater than 4:1, SAS learning specialists are able to address individual student needs in a personal and friendly setting.

SAS’ primary objective is for students to develop into skilled, confident learners who can independently advocate for themselves as they successfully complete high school and move on to college.
Academic support is central to the educational program at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School. Teachers develop coursework that emphasizes skill- and knowledge-building, and vary their teaching methods in order to both challenge each student and build on his or her strengths. Using their knowledge of multiple intelligences and learning styles, teachers help students both understand themselves, and flourish, as learners. Our small classes enable students to master rigorous material in ways that work best for them, and our 75-minute periods and daily conference times open new doors for individual exploration and discovery.
“Ever since my freshman year, I’ve felt that the teaching styles at CH-CH create an environment in which I can learn and still have fun. Ever since I came here I’ve discovered a way of learning that works for me.” 

Alumna, Day Student, Class of 2012