At Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, we are proud to have 100% of our student population accepted into college or post-secondary programs. The goal of our College Counseling Program at is to help students find the right college “match," where the student will learn effectively, enjoy and contribute to their next community, as well as reach his or her full potential. With the College Counseling Program students are armed with the requisite knowledge to make good decisions and submit applications that are both professional in quality and true reflections of each student’s unique personality, character, and ability.

The centerpiece of CH-CH’s program is individual counseling. In formulating a college list, each student works with the Director of College Counseling to explore his/her academic and extracurricular interests and optimal school community, size, and location. Students consult with the counselor at each step of the process, such as developing resumes, writing essays, preparing for interviews, and completing applications. Through active and personalized interactions with students, the counselor and teachers are able to write very personal letters of recommendation that prove an invaluable component of student application packets.

Several programs supplement this one-on-one counseling. The junior program begins in earnest in January and includes guest speakers, participation in college fairs, test prep opportunities, a financial aid seminar, and the beginning of regular and frequent individual meetings. During the junior year, students and parents also begin using Family Connection by Naviance – a web-based application that is a valuable resource to help students, parents, and the counselor work together throughout the college admission process.

All CH-CH graduates enroll in college or university.
"The college counseling process at CH-CH was made as easy and non-stressful as the process can be. Everyone was supportive and helped me put together an application that really spoke to who I am. The best part was that I got into my first choice college and I couldn't be happier."

Alumna - Currently studying at Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Meet our College Counselor
Ms. Brooke Fincke
Director of College Counseling
Phone: 781-314-0854

Union College
B.S. in Psychology and Studio Arts

Harvard Graduate School of Education
M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration
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