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Back to CH-CH

Welcome Back to CH-CH!

The emergence of the novel coronavirus pandemic in late 2019 and its global spread throughout 2020 has forced Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, like other schools around the world, to reevaluate nearly every aspect of its educational practices. Across the School, teachers, staff members, students, parents and guardians have demonstrated extraordinary resilience and flexibility in adapting to new, shifting, and often challenging conditions. As state-wide and local health conditions continue to be closely monitored in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and businesses and schools prepare to reopen this fall, we look forward to once again welcoming students, faculty and staff back to our beautiful campus. We understand that this transition back to school may come with concerns and complexities, and we are committed to reorienting students, families, and educators to the new school year in the safest and most supportive way possible.

In designing a plan that creates a robust educational experience in the safest way possible for our community, we have made the difficult decision to begin the year without a traditional boarding program. This is the hardest decision we have had to make, as our boarding program is an essential part of making CH-CH a home away from home for so many of our students, faculty, and staff. As you will read below, we are rapidly constructing a Host Family Program to be launched with the new school year that may allow non-local boarding students the opportunity to live locally with CH-CH families and attend classes in-person. There is much more information coming on this as we aim to make this plan work for as many of our students as we can.

Adhering to campus reopening guidelines from the Commonwealth and health guidelines from the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we aim to begin the year with a de-densified campus and to limit the time students will be physically present on campus grounds. Delaying the opening of our residential life program allows the School to open on time with greater institutional safety, lower personal health risks, and a commitment to regular assessment of the campus environs vis-a-vis a safe, delayed opening to the boarding program later in the academic year. It is our hope that the dormitories could open after one of our major breaks, possibly in January but more probably in March. This is a decision that will be made as we monitor the situation during the year.
It is impossible to eliminate potential health risks associated with COVID-19 entirely, but based on the counsel of leading medical experts locally and nationally, we believe our plan will allow us to bring students on campus for a few hours each day for important face-to-face instruction and social interaction while providing multiple layers of protection to best mitigate risk. Our plan also provides the nimbleness for us to make adjustments if/when conditions related to COVID-19 change.

Important Dates To Know

August 7
Initial CH-CH Return to Campus Plan released

August 11
Evening discussion via Zoom for boarding families concerning the Host Family Program

August 17
Family Responses to the "CH-CH Return to Learning” Form Due

August 17
Third community letter of the summer released

August 18, 9-10AM
Zoom with International Families and the Chinese Parents’ Association

August 19, 8-9AM
Zoom with Domestic Families

August 19, 9-10AM
Zoom with the Student Body

August 20, 9-10AM
Zoom with the Faculty and Staff

August 28

August 31, 7:30-8:30PM 
Evening virtual meet & greet for new students and parents

September 7, 11AM-1:30PM
On-Campus COVID-19 Testing.

September 9
Orientation Day

September 10

First day of classes for Fall Trimester

September 15, 9AM-3PM
On-Campus Flu Clinic for all students, faculty, and staff. Please complete Consent Form before arrival. *Copy of your insurance is also needed*

September 29
CH-CH Return to Campus Plan Chapter 3: Updates & Reminders released

October 2, 12:30-1:30PM EST
"Town Hall" Zoom call for CH-CH parents & guardians.

October 8, 9:00-10:00AM EST
"Town Hall" Zoom call for international parents & guardians. 

November 13, 9:20-9:55AM EST
Student Forum for Remote Learners with Dr. Conrad, Mrs. Turpin, Ms. Weber and Ms. White on Zoom

November 30 - December 4
Remote learning week upon return from Thanksgiving break.

December 2, 9:00AM-12:00PM EST
On-Campus COVID-19 Testing, required for all in-person students, faculty, staff and campus residents (no classes).

December 7

Hybrid model on-campus classes resume.

January 4 - 5
Remote learning days for the CH-CH community.

January 6, 8:00-11:00AM
On-Campus COVID-19 Testing, required for all in-person students, faculty, staff and campus residents (no classes).

January 7 - 8
Remote learning days for the CH-CH community.

January 11
Hybrid model on-campus classes resume.

March 17 - 22
Boarding students must take and submit a negative COVID-19 test.

March 22
Move-in day (negative test required before).

March 23
Remote learning day for the CH-CH community.

March 24
On-Campus COVID-19 Testing, required for all in-person students, faculty, staff and campus residents (no classes).

March 25 - 26
Remote learning days for the CH-CH community.

March 29
Hybrid model on-campus classes resume.

May 26
On-Campus Vaccine Clinic, register here and fill out consent form.

June 4
Underclassmen move out beginning at 1:00PM.

June 5
12th grade move out following Graduation.
Located 10 miles from Boston, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall is a coeducational college preparatory school that teaches the way students learn. The School welcomes students with diverse learning styles and helps them to develop self-confidence and achieve academic success through personalized, integrated learning. Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall offers 180 boarding and day students a richly diverse cultural and academic environment and opportunities to engage in the arts, athletics and community service.