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Reopening Plan

Our Commitment and Approach

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall recognizes that the ideal teaching and learning environment is one in which students and teachers are able to interact with each other face-to-face. We also recognize the vital importance of creating a campus environment that addresses the health and safety concerns of our students, parents, guardians, faculty and staff. Our Initial Return to Campus Plan seeks to do both, providing the initial roadmap for our community to follow in the days, weeks and months ahead. This roadmap will indeed change as our direction headings continue to shift due to an evolving landscape.

This plan represents the thoughtful work of our Emergency Management Team members, a task force of staff from across our campus, working in close collaboration with School administration and in consideration of thoughtful input from families, faculty and staff during our summer Zoom meetings and numerous individual and small group conversations. It is a plan that invests heavily in critical areas for a safe return to campus, including a robust set of stringent health and safety measures. It is also a plan that is designed to allow the School to adapt to the changing conditions of the pandemic and still provide for the continuous education of our students. For these reasons, the CH-CH Board of Trustees has been highly engaged in the creation and evolution of the Plan and, it should be noted, is in support of Initial Return to Campus Plan as presented herein.

While it is difficult to predict the ways in which our current health context might change in the future, one thing is constant – our steadfast commitment to the ongoing growth and learning of our students.

At all times, we will calibrate our school operations and teaching to public health conditions.

Across the School, our dedicated faculty and staff are redoubling their efforts to prepare for the new school year. We cannot wait to see our students again, and we look forward to a successful year ahead.
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