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Reopening Videos

Your Day On-Campus Videos

Want to know what classes will look like? Will the dining hall be open? How will morning health screenings work? These videos outline what students can expect their day to look like when CH-CH reopens. Use the provided timestamps for each video to navigate to specific questions.

Classroom and Academics

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  • Classroom and Academics Timestamps

    0:30 - Q&A: What changes will students see in the classroom
    2:08 - Q&A: Will there be a change in the number of students in a classroom?
    3:32 - Q&A: How will the outdoor space on campus be utilized
    4:33 - Q&A: Will there be any changes to programs such as Skills and Academic Support?
    5:40 - Q&A: What changes have been made for sanitizing and contact tracing?
    7:54 - Q&A: What will the after-school co-curricular program look like?
    9:20 - Q&A: What will NOT change about the academics at CH-CH?

Cleaning and Sanitizing

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  • Cleaning and Sanitizing Timestamps

    0:25 - Q&A: What changes will we see this year in cleaning and sanitizing?
    0:48 - Q&A: How will cleaning vary with different types of spaces?
    1:20 Q&A: What changes are being made to improve air ventilation?
    2:15 - Q&A: What can students do to ensure the safety of the entire community?
    2:30 - Q&A: What can families do to ensure the safety of the entire community?
    3:02 - Q&A: What signage has been added to campus?
    3:36 - Q&A: How will the cleaning staff be operating this year
    4:30 - Q&A: What are you looking forward to this year?

Dining Hall and Food Safety

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  • Dining Hall and Food Safety Timestamps

    0:30 - Q&A: What will be different in the Dining Hall this year?
    1:30 - Q&A: How will you be accommodating students with allergies?
    2:00 - Q&A: What precautions will the dining hall staff be taking?
    2:30 - Q&A: Will there still be chicken tenders?
    3:00 - Q&A: What changes will be made to the seating area
    3:30 - Q&A: What additional spaces will be used for dining?
    3:49 - Q&A: What changes are being made to the schedule to create smaller groups?
    4:18 - Q&A: Any changes to when the dining hall will be open?
    4:40 - What are you looking forward to in the dining hall this year?

Screenings and Protocols

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  • Screenings and Protocols Timestamps

    0:25 - Q&A: How will the daily screenings look for students
    1:13 - Q&A: What happens if a student is showing a symptom
    1:38 - Q&A: What steps will be followed with contact tracing
    2:10 - Q&A: What changes for a student that would normally see you in the health office?
    2:35 - Q&A: How can students and families help with the safety of the community?
    3:03 - Q&A: What are you looking forward to most when you get back to campus?

Overview and Plans Videos

Take a look behind-the-scenes as CH-CH administrators discuss the plans for the 2020-2021 school year, and the thought guiding these decisions.

Introduction to CH-CH Initial Reopening Plan with Dr. Conrad

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  • Introduction Timestamps

    0:48 - Dr. Conrad Framing the Reopening Plan
    1:18 - Scenario Planning
    2:27 - Guiding Principles: Safety
    4:10 - Guiding Principles: On-Campus Instruction
    5:15 - Guiding Principles: Academic Coherence and Continuity
    6:30 - Guiding Principles: Flexibility and Adaptability

Overview of Remote and On-Campus Plans

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  • Overview of Remote and On-Campus Plans Timestamps

    0:21 - Q&A: What thought went into the planning of the three scenarios?
    1:25 - Q&A: Can you outline the three scenarios?
    2:22 - Q&A: What lessons from the spring will be applied to online learning?
    4:20 - Q&A: What role did families play in shaping the scenarios?
    5:42 - Q&A: What will switching between the different scenarios look like?

Providing Safety for Students and Teachers

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  • Health and Wellness Timestamps

    0:21 - Q&A: What additions are being added to campus to improve the health and safety of community members?
    0:58 - Q&A: How would you decide if a safety measure should be added to the campus reopening plan?
    1:33 - Q&A: How will testing be determined (when and how)?
    2:23 - Q&A: How will this work for students arriving around the country and world?
    3:06 - Q&A: What happens if and when our community does get impacted by COVID-19?
    5:01 - Q&A: How is CH-CH training faculty and staff to support themselves and their students?
    6:38 - Q&A: Community is an important part of mental health. How does CH-CH plan to keep community and support going?
    8:59 - Q&A: Teachers are being expected to do more this year… how is CH-CH prioritizing the mental health and wellness of its employees?
    9:57 - Q&A: What is the role of families in keeping the CH-CH community safe?
Located 10 miles from Boston, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall is a coeducational college preparatory school that teaches the way students learn. The School welcomes students with diverse learning styles and helps them to develop self-confidence and achieve academic success through personalized, integrated learning. Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall offers 180 boarding and day students a richly diverse cultural and academic environment and opportunities to engage in the arts, athletics and community service.