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Distance Learning

Learning, Support, and Community Continue at CH-CH

Dear CH-CH Community,

Due to the necessary campus closure prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall will continue to provide instruction and assessment of student learning through online platforms.

Learning, support, and our sense of community will continue at CH-CH!

Faculty will facilitate continued learning by maintaining teacher-student contact in a virtual classroom environment. This will be a new experience for teachers, students, and parents, and it's crucial that we keep open communication throughout.

This page will serve as a resource for all-things distance learning. We will continue to update this page with important updates, downloads, and FAQ's. If you are looking for an answer that you can't find on this page, we have a contact section below by department. 

In these difficult times, we will need to continue to find new ways to connect and support each other, and there is no better team for the job than CH-CH's faculty and staff.

Lance Conrad
Head of School
B.A., Bowdoin College
M.Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education
M.A.T., Graduate Center of Marlboro College
Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Distance Learning Guidelines

Distance Learning Guidelines for Students and Parents
WHAT Happens During Distance Learning?
● School buildings will be closed to all students. However, teachers will continue to plan and deliver regular learning experiences and assessments using MyCHCH, Zoom, and other online tools.
● Learning experiences will be delivered synchronously and asynchronously.
● Classes will meet virtually via Zoom 2 times/week for 50 minutes.
● Students should expect at least an additional 120 minutes of outside work in addition to the class time.
WHAT Students and Parents Can Expect?
● Teachers will plan learning activities and assessments to promote student mastery of all essential learning objectives for each course.
● All assignments will be posted Sunday night for the coming week.
● Synchronous course activities will happen as indicated in our new schedule. This schedule will be published by 3/23. We anticipate there will be some issues with synchronicity, at first, as everyone gains comfort with the technology.
● In addition, teachers will be available via email and/or Zoom during office hours, department times, and other times as arranged.
● Teachers will monitor student progress, write weekly progress notes and contact students, parents, advisors and program directors when needed.
WHAT is Expected of Students and Parents?
● Parents and students must have a wifi enabled device as well as internet connection in order to access distance learning.
● Students should plan to attend all synchronous class activities or contact their teacher to make alternative plans should differences in time zone or other issues make attendance impossible.
● Students are expected to complete all online readings, assigned learning activities, and assessments within the established time frame.
● Students and parents should use email to contact their teachers with questions. Teachers will communicate with all of their students and/or parents through email or via Zoom.
● Any student unable to meet distance learning expectations for any reason is expected to communicate directly with their program director for guidance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Will Skills and Academic Support classes still meet?

    Yes, Skills and Academic Support (SAS) classes will be built into our weekly schedule, and will continue to meet. SAS teachers will now include strategies on working from home to give students the tools and strategies they need to succeed in distance learning.
  • Q. Will teachers still hold Office Hours?

    Each department will be holding two weekly one-hour blocks of time, where teachers will be available to connect and work with students. In our schedule (see in the downloads section on this page), you will be able to see the specific times for each department.
  • Q.
    How can students access school supplies?

    For students needing support acquiring school supplies or other class related materials please contact Janet Sachs at
  • Q. Will students and parents still receive progress notes?

    Yes, students and parents will still receive weekly progress notes. During distance learning, it will be more important than ever to ensure teachers, parents, and students are in clear communication about each student's progress.

Tech Resources

List of 2 items.

  • Internet Access At Home

    All students, faculty, and staff should affirm high-speed internet connectivity at home.
  • Technology Care and Use At Home

    Students are expected to behave in accordance with the guidelines of the Acceptable Use Policy as outlined in the CH-CH Student Handbook, which can be accessed under the Community Downloads section of the Resources For Our Community webpage. In addition, we recommend that students:
    • Fully charge laptop, iPad, and all devices necessary for class participation and assignment completion every night
    • Keep technology away from food and drink
    • Store technology in protective sleeves/cases on a desk or table, never on the floor

CH-CH Distance Learning Timeline

March 23-27
One-week Spring Break extension for students. Faculty professional training and preparations for remote learning environments

Monday, March 30
CH-CH online learning begins

May 25-29
No Spring Session. This final week of online learning replaces the one-week extension of Spring Break

Distance Learning Support

Distance learning is new for many of us, and we are here to support you with any questions along the way:

Technology Questions: 
Jon Andruchow, Director of Technology,

Classroom/Lesson Questions:
Contact faculty member

General Academic Questions:
Grades 9-10, Kelly Walsh, Director of 9th and 10th Grade Programs,

Grades 11-12, Ben Riggs, Director of 11th and 12th Grade Programs,

Watch: CH-CH Virtual Assemblies

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