Advisor Program

Advisors work with students for their success.  In their Tuesday meetings with students, advisors may cover any number of important areas, by:
  • Reviewing weekly academic progress reports to keep students on track in their studies
  • Helping students define their academic goals and develop plans to achieve them
  • Assisting students in making co- and extra-curricular choices consistent with their interests and aims
  • Keeping students up-to-date on school academic policies, graduation requirements and pertinent school rules and regulations
  • Informing students about school resources and community activities and events that may be helpful and interesting
  • Working with students to develop the skills they need to independently monitor progress toward achieving their educational and career goals—and to advocate successfully for themselves when necessary
  • Developing a proactive relationship with students by respecting their backgrounds, and being sensitive to their concerns and values
In partnerships with teachers, administrators and parents, advisors help students develop the informed and confident mindset they need to flourish today, and tomorrow.

Advisory Frequently Asked Questions

List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Who do I contact if I have a concern?

    To discuss an issue with a specific class: first contact your child's Advisor, second contact the Teacher, third contact the Dean or the Program Director of your child’s grade level.

    To discuss an issue with the overall academic load or issues with more than one class: first contact your child's Advisor, second contact the Dean of your child’s grade level (See Grade Level Programs for more info ).

    To talk about the overall schedule, including any course changes, or attendance issues: Contact the Program Director of your child’s grade level.

    For transcript requests, and credit & enrollment verifications: Contact the Registrar.
  • Where do I find weekly progress notes and report cards?


    The “Performance” channel is located on the left side of the secure Progress section of your child's tab in myCH-CH. Click on Progress, and then click on Progress Notes for the desired week.

    Progress notes are weekly comments written by each of your student’s teachers, and are viewable to students every Tuesday after 8 a.m., and for parents on Wednesdays.
  • How do I find out who my child’s advisor is?

    Ask your child first; they will know. If in doubt, contact their Class Dean. Advisors are chosen by the Grade Level Team after the orientation activity at the beginning of the year. Every faculty member advises students, usually in groups of five to seven.
  • How often does advisory meet?

    Advisory groups meet formally once a week to review progress notes and other timely issues. The groups may meet informally throughout the week and at assemblies.

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