Vocal Ensemble Sings at Fenway Park!

The Visual and Performing Arts Department offer a selection of courses in musical arts, photography, digital art, ceramics, sculpture, art history, and studio art. Our curriculum promotes creativity, original thinking, perseverance, resourcefulness, personal exploration, and safe risk-taking. We seek to awaken and nourish the creative process in every student and support those art students who wish to pursue a college career in the visual or performing arts.

While enrolled in an arts course, students have the opportunity to curate and show work in the gallery spaces, develop a portfolio throughout their CH-CH career, participate in musical performances, work with industry-level design programs, and learn how to collaborate on projects with students as well as visiting artists.

In order to graduate from CH-CH students must earn a total of 2 credits in the Visual and Performing Arts Department. In addition to studio instruction, most visual arts courses include slide lectures or screenings, group discussions, and critiques. Performing arts courses combine live and recorded performance, as well as studies in technique, history, and analysis. Homework is required outside of class in all courses. Because of the high cost of artists’ materials, some courses require a materials fee.

For New Students

Because we are a College Preparatory school, we recommend that all incoming freshman students register for the entry level courses as they allow students to explore the foundations at CH-CH that are necessary for moving into the advanced level courses with confidence.
The Arts Department Chair works closely with the academics office to ensure that every student is placed in the optimal class. The curriculum is designed to give students the flexibility to get a taste of multiple disciplines in both the visual and performing arts or declare an “Arts Concentration”. Although a portfolio is not required for intro courses, we encourage all interested applicants to submit a portfolio as soon as they are accepted to CH-CH. If a new student has a portfolio of work and wants to move into an advanced course, the Arts Department will review it prior to scheduling classes.

#11 See the World Differently

"I love photography because it's such a hands-on class, and it's so fun to really get out there and notice things in the world in a different way."

Gordon L. '17

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We Teach the Way Students Learn

Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School is a small, coeducational college preparatory school dedicated to teaching the way students learn. Our faculty, over 70% of whom have advanced degrees, offers instruction tailored to individual learning styles and strengths, empowering our students to achieve their potential. Our multiple intelligences approach to teaching and learning both values and addresses the different ways students learn. Our curriculum challenges and engages students, with support seamlessly integrated into the classes and culture of the School. All our students are accepted into college or university with an emphasis on finding the best fit for their ambitions and interests. Diversity thrives in a social climate of acceptance. A dynamic mix of day and boarding students energizes our campus and creates opportunities for students to engage with each other in the arts, athletics, campus activities and community service. Our alumni/ae describe their experience at CH-CH as truly transformational. Our private, independent school is located ten miles from Boston.