Grade Level Programs

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  • Different needs, goals and aspirations

    Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are all at different stages in their lives, with different needs, goals and aspirations.  With that in mind, we support students’ ongoing growth and achievement with teams of teachers specific to that grade.  Led by a dean, these grade level teams meet weekly to review the progress of students in their grade.  As one grade-level team member put it, “Our job is to make sure that no student ‘falls through the cracks’ by eliminating the cracks.”
  • Ninth Grade Program

    The 9th grade program is designed to successfully transition students from middle to high school. Through a year built to promote 9th graders’ intellectual, social and emotional growth, students develop both a positive sense of self and of themselves as members of a larger group.

  • Tenth Grade Program

    In the 10th grade, the program focus shifts to helping students mature as confident, independent individuals.  Along with further strengthening their academic skills, the 10th grade program helps students discover their passions and refine their identities.

  • Eleventh Grade Program

    For the 11th grade, the increased academic demands and responsibilities are counterbalanced with a program that offers opportunities for students to take leadership roles in a number of areas in and outside of the school.  Activities are designed to help them apply their enthusiasm and creativity to make a difference in the larger community.

  • Twelfth Grade Program

    The 12th grade program emphasizes mastery and transition.  Students’ aptitudes as independent scholars and innovative thinkers are nourished through electives and projects, and their successful transformation from high school seniors to college freshmen is nurtured by guided preparation for that next step.

  • Postgraduate Program

    Post graduate students follow a program specifically designed to bridge the gap between high school and college academics. The post graduate year has two major goals:  help students gain admission to a college that matches their interests and strengths, and ensure that students are prepared for the rigors of college life. 

“At CH-CH I’ve always felt a connection with the students and teachers. The small classes give me the opportunity to form positive relationships with my peers and teachers, which makes me comfortable in my learning environment.”

Alumna, Boarding Student, Class of 2011

Our Class Deans

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  • Maura Henry 

    9th Grade Dean; Skills and Academic Support Teacher
    Fordham University - M.S.
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst - B.A., Theatre
  • Ian MacPhail 

    10th Grade Dean; History Teacher
    Boston College - M.S., Secondary Education
    Guilford College - B.S., Political Science and Criminal Justice
  • Scott Bloom 

    11th Grade Dean; Math Teacher
    College of the University of Connecticut - B.A., History; Concentration in Mathematics
  • Julia Woodward 

    12th Grade Dean; English Teacher
    Cornell University - B.S., Development Sociology
    Middlebury College, Bread Loaf School of English - M.A., English

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We Teach the Way Students Learn

Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School is a small, coeducational college preparatory school dedicated to teaching the way students learn. Our faculty, over 70% of whom have advanced degrees, offers instruction tailored to individual learning styles and strengths, empowering our students to achieve their potential. Our multiple intelligences approach to teaching and learning both values and addresses the different ways students learn. Our curriculum challenges and engages students, with support seamlessly integrated into the classes and culture of the School. All our students are accepted into college or university with an emphasis on finding the best fit for their ambitions and interests. Diversity thrives in a social climate of acceptance. A dynamic mix of day and boarding students energizes our campus and creates opportunities for students to engage with each other in the arts, athletics, campus activities and community service. Our alumni/ae describe their experience at CH-CH as truly transformational. Our private, independent school is located ten miles from Boston.