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Athletics FAQ

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Why should my child play a sport?

    The athletics program intends to give each member of the community an appreciation for and enjoyment in physical activity, and helps them to develop healthy habits of fitness to last a lifetime.

    Through athletics, each student is encouraged to build pride in the individual, team, and school.

    The program intends to teach each student the value of achievement through a group effort, and the value of respect for each other, the team, coaches, opponents, and officials.

    We believe in maintaining an atmosphere of sportsmanship. Our program places emphasis on skills, teamwork, dedication to achievement and excellence. We encourage respect, friendship, and enjoyment while developing a competitive maturity among our athletes. Learning how to handle stress and maintain a winning attitude is part of that development.
  • What are the physical activity requirements at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School?

    All students are required to participate in two seasons of team activity. Team activities include traditional sports teams, drama and several other athletic activities such as Rock Climbing. The third season is open choice for the student.
  • What are the attendance requirements for the afternoon activity/athletic programs?

    All students are required to attend the scheduled meetings, games and practices. Teams and activities will meet five days per week. Athletic practices will occur on the first weekend of each trimester in order to better prepare out athletes for the upcoming season. There will be occasional weekend athletic contests. Athletic practices during the fall and spring will end between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m. depending on the field rotation. The winter season presents a more complicated rotation, with all teams sharing our indoor facilities. Typically practices will conclude no later than 7:30 p.m.

    The rule of 10 states that any student who accumulates more than 10 excused absences will lose credit for the trimester. Unexcused absences, however, are handled differently: three in a trimester will result in the loss of a credit. If a student loses credit for their afternoon activity they are required to make up 45 hours of the activity during the summer.
  • Are all students who sign-up to play on a team able to do so?

    We ask all students to sign-up for their first and second choice for an afternoon activity. We try to accommodate every student’s first choice but this is not always possible due to transportation constraints. In many sports with large numbers of students coming out to play, we offer junior varsity programs. We expect all will meet the team obligations, and athletes will get more playing time as their skills improve.
  • What league do we belong to? How does league membership impact the sports we offer?

    We participate in the Massachusetts Bay Independent League (MBIL) for boys’ soccer, cross country, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse.

    We participate in the Independent Girls’ Conference (IGC) for soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, and lacrosse.

    We participate in the Eastern Independent League (EIL) for boys’ wrestling and also field co-ed golf as an independent sport with no league affiliation.

    The expectation is that CH-CH field varsity teams in the majority of the sports offered within the IGC and MBIL. Individual schools choose the sports offered based on philosophy, use of resources, size of student body, student interest, and facilities.
  • What are the anticipated costs to families of student-athletes?

    Students are responsible for sport specific items such as boys' lacrosse gloves and sticks; girls' lacrosse eye shield and sticks; soccer cleats; softball/baseball gloves and cleats; and wrestling head gear, shoes, and tights. Rock Climbing students may incur a fee for the use of off-site facilities. Additionally, families are charged for lost/damaged uniforms, and the late return of a uniform.
  • My child participates in activities outside of school. Can he/she be exempt from the after-school program?

    CH-CH is proud of the range of co-curricular activities we offer our students and their participation is key to building our community.

    On the rare occasion that a student’s long-term passion is not an offered class or program at the school, that student may apply to participate in an independent study. All independent studies are subject to approval. For more information regarding independent studies please speak with the Director of Athletics.
  • What do I do if my child is ill or injured?

    Students should see the athletic trainer or school nurse with injury or illness, respectively. If your child is ill during the academic day and does not go home, he/she is responsible to see the nurse, attend classes and attend all afternoon activities unless excused by the nurse with written permission. The athletic trainer should be consulted by athletes regarding an injury. If your student-athlete is seen by a physician, he/she must provide the athletic trainer with a note from the physician diagnosing the injury, defining the time missed from athletics, date of return and any restrictions the athlete may have. Coaches follow the decisions made by the medical staff regarding a player’s ability to participate.
  • What are the criteria to earn a Varsity Letter?

    1) Attendance: 90% attendance at practices and games is expected as a minimum. Any unexcused absence from a game or practice may disqualify for a letter. Exceptions may be made due to an extended injury.

    2) Attitude: Students should participate with a positive focus, put team needs before individual ones, work hard to improve, be supportive of teammates, communicate effectively with teammates and coaches in an open and honest manner, show respect for coaches, opponents and officials, and be receptive to coaching. Athletes should represent CH-CH with dignity and pride.

    3) Promptness to practice and games: Students should attend to their daily academic obligations in such a manner that they will be available on time to meet their athletic commitments.

    4) There must be a consistent effort to improve skills both as an individual and as a team player. There should be significant contribution to the varsity program.

    5) Any in-season suspension or other disciplinary action imposed through the Head of School, Assistant Head of School, or grade level Program Director may make an athlete ineligible for a letter.
  • How can parents support the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School Athletic Program?

    1) Arrange doctors’ visits and appointments, as well as vacations, outside of the practice/game schedule.

    2) Attend games and reinforce a positive attitude.

    3) Become involved with the Parents' and Guardians' Association.

    4) Parents must arrange for their child to have an annual physical prior to the start of the school year. At registration, medical forms must be complete.

    5) Support your child by purchasing appropriate equipment.
  • Where can I find information about games, rescheduled games and directions to away games?

    INTERNET: Game schedules, results, and directions to game locations can be found on our website at:

    TELEPHONE: Call the daily Athletic Hotline (781-314-0999) to hear about practice information and game details. Game cancellations, delays, postponements, etc. can be heard on the hotline.
  • If I have an athletics or activity concern, who should I contact?

    Please contact Lori White, Director of Athletics, at or 781-314-0850.

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  • Weekend Activities 6/1 - 6/3, 2018

    Friday, June 1
    7:00-8:15am Breakfast (Charger Café)
    8:30-10:00am Spring Session groups gather to finalize presentations (Various locations)
    10:00-11:30am Spring Session Demonstrations & Presentations (Graduation tent)
    11:30am Yearbook Dedication and Distribution (Graduation tent)
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    12:30-1:30pm Graduation Rehearsal for Seniors & musicians (Graduation tent)
    12:30-4:00pm Underclass Activities (On campus)
    4:30-5:30pm Baccalaureate Ceremony (Graduation tent)
    5:30pm Residential Underclassmen Depart Campus (Legacy Place)
    5:30-7:30pm Senior Banquet (Beaver Gymnasium)
    Saturday, June 2
    9:00-10:00am Continental breakfast (Charger Café)
    10:00am Seniors arrive for Caps & Gowns (Learning Commons)
    11:00-12:15pm 190th Commencement Exercises (Graduation tent)
    12:30-1:30pm Luncheon (Beaver Gymnasium)
    All Residential Seniors must move out of dorms IMMEDIATELY AFTER GRADUATION
    6:00pm Dinner with Mr. C (Location TBD)
    Sunday, June 3
    8:00am Breakfast with Mr. C (Location TBD)
    10:00am All Residential Underclassmen must of out of dorms and depart campus
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