Student Clubs

Why join a club?

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall is a small school with many opportunities. The student life program aims to involve all students and develop well-rounded individuals. Student clubs programing is comprised of diverse offerings created in response to students’ needs, interests and talents. Our students build self-esteem and confidence; establish healthy relationships; overcome challenges; realize their excellence; grow their leadership abilities; and become independent.
“Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall puts their money where their mouth is…this is a balanced, whole and rich life for my child.”
During the first week of school, there is a clubs fair where students present the different clubs offered on campus. Then, during the school year, there is a Student Clubs block that takes place two times a week.

Involvement in a student organization is just one of many ways for our students to get involved on campus.

Recent Examples of Student Activities

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  • Improv Club

    We meet in the Barn Theater and make complete fools of ourselves with Improv games. You can be anyone or anything from someone who is afraid of the floor to a Robin Williams impersonator and all you can do is laugh.
  • Latino Culture Club

    The Latino Culture Club (LCC) was created to promote Latino/Hispanic culture awareness on campus. They continue to add to the diverse Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall community and have become integral part of the CH-CH culture.
  • Gardening Club

    The Gardening Club meets on campus in the CH-CH Greenhouse to learn about and care for plants, as well as to grow a healthy and responsible attitude towards nature and the environment.
  • Students of Color Alliance

    The Students of Color Alliance (SOCA) comes together every other week to discuss current issues related to all races and raises awareness of these issues on campus. 
  • Gay/Straight Alliance

    The Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) has been a long-standing presence on campus and an environment of safety and acceptance that is reflected throughout the entire school. Throughout the year they work to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues through events such as movie nights and the Day of Silence.

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We Teach the Way Students Learn

Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School is a small, coeducational college preparatory school dedicated to teaching the way students learn. Our faculty, over 70% of whom have advanced degrees, offers instruction tailored to individual learning styles and strengths, empowering our students to achieve their potential. Our multiple intelligences approach to teaching and learning both values and addresses the different ways students learn. Our curriculum challenges and engages students, with support seamlessly integrated into the classes and culture of the School. All our students are accepted into college or university with an emphasis on finding the best fit for their ambitions and interests. Diversity thrives in a social climate of acceptance. A dynamic mix of day and boarding students energizes our campus and creates opportunities for students to engage with each other in the arts, athletics, campus activities and community service. Our alumni/ae describe their experience at CH-CH as truly transformational. Our private, independent school is located ten miles from Boston.