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  • Hannah S.

    Extra-curricular activities: Drama, Lacrosse, Soccer

    Courses taking this year:
     Vocal Ensemble, Critical Writing & Reading, Chemistry, Honors Spanish

    What is your favorite class? I love Vocal Ensemble.  I've learned so much in that class, from reading music to making music.  It's incredible. 
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  • Oluwa S.

    Extra-curricular activities: Cavalry Tour Guide, Volleyball, Drama, Peer Support Counselor, SOCA, Latino Culture Club, Student Government

    Courses taking this year: SAS, Spanish I, English, Physics, World Civ I, Geometry

    How do you like being a boarding student? Being a boarding student at CH-CH is the best choice I’ve ever made!
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  • Jim N.

    Extra-curricular activities: JV Boys Basketball, Varsity Boys Lacrosse

    Courses taking this year:Algebra I, Conceptual Physics, Critical Writing & Reading, French II, World Civilization II

    What is your favorite part of CH-CH? My favorite part of being at CH-CH is that I’m with my friends all day, and I get to play on lots of sports teams.
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  • Emily A.

    Previous School: Jonas Clarke Middle School

    Extra-curricular activities: 
    Varsity Softball, Drama Tech, JV Girls Basketball

    Courses taking this year: Conceptual Physics, Algebra I, French III Honors, English, World Civ I, SAS

    Why did you choose CH-CH? I needed a place that would understand how I learn, and that I work hard. Teachers at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall care about me as a student and a person. 
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  • Nelson A.

    Extra-curricular activities: Soccer, Lacrosse, Wrestling, Eating Hash Browns in the Dining Hall

    Courses taking this year:
     Chemistry, Algebra II and Trigonometry, World Civilization, Critical Writing & Reading

    What is your favorite time of day?  It would have to be after school extra-curricular activities. Mainly because I'm a very athletic person.  I love to stay active.  I play soccer, wrestling, and also lacrosse.  
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We Teach the Way Students Learn

Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School is a small, coeducational college preparatory school dedicated to teaching the way students learn. Our faculty, over 70% of whom have advanced degrees, offers instruction tailored to individual learning styles and strengths, empowering our students to achieve their potential. Our multiple intelligences approach to teaching and learning both values and addresses the different ways students learn. Our curriculum challenges and engages students, with support seamlessly integrated into the classes and culture of the School. All our students are accepted into college or university with an emphasis on finding the best fit for their ambitions and interests. Diversity thrives in a social climate of acceptance. A dynamic mix of day and boarding students energizes our campus and creates opportunities for students to engage with each other in the arts, athletics, campus activities and community service. Our alumni/ae describe their experience at CH-CH as truly transformational. Our private, independent school is located ten miles from Boston.