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Orientation Trips 2012

By Nadia Hajjar

To kick off the 2012-13 school year, each class embarked on an orientation trip that served to introduce students to the CH-CH community and allow them to get to know their peers. The seniors journeyed into Boston and took tours of Emerson College, Northeastern University, and Boston University. After a successful hike last year, the sophomores returned to Ashburnham, MA to climb Mount Watatic on a beautiful Friday morning. The view was great and the hike was splendid. The junior class spent most of the day at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA. The group started off by participating in some "getting-to-know-you" games followed with day of hard work, clearing out weeds from two farm fields, then laying down mulch so that the weeds would not grow back. After lunch, the juniors took a tour of the farm and learned more about sustainable local farming. “It was a great day,” said Alice Solorow, junior class dean. Lastly, the freshmen spent a little time getting acquainted with the CH-CH campus. The Class of 2016 started the day by hiking to the neighboring Robert Treat Payne Estate where they engaged in team building exercises. Later, teams of five raced to complete a scavenger hunt around campus. Student work and pictures from the 9th grade trip can be seen at the 9th grade twitter page: