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Beyond the Classroom

At CH-CH, we know that learning also takes place outside of the classroom. That's why our students participate in community service activities as a means of further learning. The community service program at CH-CH includes fifteen hours of service each year, though many of our students far exceed that requirement through a combination of on- and off-campus activities.  We also offer our Spring Session program where students end the school year engaged in a wide variety of mini-courses that take them all over the country, from nearby organic farms to the waterways of greater Boston, to the hiking trails of Colorado. Learn more about learning beyond the classroom at CH-CH.

Campus as Classroom

Classes at CH-CH take full advantage of our 42-acre campus in Waltham. With campus-wide WiFi coverage, you'll often see teachers taking their classes outside, whether they're using the pond in the center of campus for a lab in biology, or just finding a quiet spot in the shade for a 9th grade class to discuss The Odyssey. With all of this serene green space, we often forget that Boston is only ten miles away.

AP Environmental Science Explores the Campus

Experiential Learning During Spring Session

Each spring, students and faculty eagerly await one of the most exciting opportunities at CH-CH, our Spring Sessions. Created by the CH-CH faculty, Spring Session consists of an ever-changing variety of experiences, both on and off-campus, designed to allow students and faculty to engage deeply in an area of interest. From immersion into another culture to making an impact through community service, to learning a brand new skill, it is no wonder why Spring Sessions have become so popular among our teachers and students.

Examples of previous Spring Sessions include:
  • Marine Biology in the Florida Keys
  • Sailing in Boston 
  • Improv Comedy Performance Workshop
  • Repairing Houses in New Orleans
  • Tour of French Culture in Montréal
  • Civil War Tour of Gettysburg
  • Art and Yoga Workshop
  • Leadership Workshops at Walt Disney World
  • Hiking in New England
  • Visiting Holocaust Museums in New York and Washington D.C

Highlights from Spring Session

The CH-CH MakerSpace

The CH-CH MakerSpace is a place for students to experiment, create, and have fun. Students explore hands-on alternatives to traditional classroom learning, using new technology like 3D modeling and printing, as well as established methods like sewing and basic woodworking.

Students in the co-curricular MakerSpace activity investigate varied, self-directed topics, like basic coding, robotics, and prototyping, while academic classes are supported and enhanced by MakerSpace activities that introduce ‘design thinking’—iterative, progressive exploration of course material that encourages experimentation, collaboration, and a focus on process instead of results. The possibilities are exciting and limited only by the imagination!

3D Printing in the MakerSpace

Empowering 21st Century Learners

Workers in the 21st century utilize technology effectively, efficiently, and daily. We are committed to helping students establish these habits as part of their development as lifelong learners.

CH-CH has adopted a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy for all of our students to promote student agency and growth.

The goal of our device policy is to cultivate academic independence through a broad technological skill set. Our BYOD model allows for student choice and a more customized approach to coursework that fosters college and career readiness.

Located 10 miles from Boston, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall (CH-CH) is a private, college preparatory day and boarding school for grades 7-12/PG. CH-CH cultivates intellectual courage, creative ambition, and unwavering empathy that drives students to achieve their best.
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