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Admissions Events

Join Us for an Upcoming Admissions Event!

Welcome to CH-CH! We are excited to offer many upcoming opportunities for you to learn more about how CH-CH helps students achieve their best while meeting our students, teachers, and parents. 

Learn more about our upcoming events and register below. If you have any questions for our admissions office, please reach out at 

We look forward to connecting with you!

The CH-CH Admissions Team

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  • Dec

    Middle School Admissions Drop-In

    Please join us for a casual information session about CH-CH’s Middle School. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Kelly Walsh, Head of Middle School, the Admissions Team, and other members of the CH-CH Community, as well as tour the campus and Middle School classroom building. 
  • Dec

    Middle School Admissions Drop-In

    Please join us for a casual information session about CH-CH’s Middle School. You’ll have the opportunity to meet Kelly Walsh, Head of Middle School, the Admissions Team, and other members of the CH-CH Community, as well as tour the campus and Middle School classroom building. 
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Watch Past Admissions Events

Learn Everything About the CH-CH Application Process

Interested in applying to CH-CH? This is the perfect webinar for you! In this hour-long webinar, the CH-CH admissions team walks through the online application, outline the changes in requirements this year due to COVID-19, discuss the financial aid process, and answer family questions.

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  • Learn Everything About the CH-CH Application Process Timestamps

    0:50 Framing The Webinar
    1:50 Learning About CH-CH
    3:12 On-Campus and Virtual Tours and Interviews
    4:06 Applying to CH-CH (Applications, Testing Requirements, and Deadline Updates due to COVID-19)
    9:41 Online Application Demo / Walk-Through
    17:09 Application Q&A - Common Application/SAO and CH-CH Accounts
    18:03 Application Q&A - Is the Common Application the same as Ravenna?
    19:20 Affording CH-CH: Need-Based Financial Aid & Scholarships
    19:45 Need-Based Financial Aid vs Scholarships Overview
    21:27 Financial Aid Application Process at CH-CH Overview
    22:50 Important Financial Aid Deadlines and Dates
    24:13 Tax Documents Needed to Complete Your Application
    25:44 Complete the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) - Due 2/1/21
    27:04 How is Your Award Calculated?
    29:33 How Do I Apply Through SSS? Walk-Through
    31:44 Important Notes About Completing the PFS
    33:47 Scholarships Overview (Merit vs Waltham)
    35:11 CH-CH Financial Aid Contact Info
    36:16 Financial Aid Q&A: If I’ve paid the fee for this year, can I just add CH-CH to my list of schools?
    36:53 Financial Aid Q&A: What is the average FA awarded?
    37:32 Financial Aid Q&A: What forms are needed in terms of bank statements?
    38:42 Financial Aid Q&A: Are scholarships only awarded one by category or multiple?

From Private School to CH-CH

Watch as graduates of private schools talk about their transition to Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School. Additionally, teachers, administrators, and parents answer questions live.

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  • From Private School to CH-CH Timestamps

    0:00 Welcome and Overview
    0:48 Introductions: Administrators, Faculty, Current Students and Parents
    9:25 We Teach the Way Students Learn and Multiple Intelligences - Explained
    11:38 Differentiated Instruction - Content, Process, and Product
    14:39 Differentiated Environment
    15:43 Instruction Based on the Individual Student - Learning Profile, Interest, and Readiness
    18:22 Portrait of a Graduate
    19:04 Hallmarks of CH-CH Programming
    23:40 Hallmarks of the Delivery of CH-CH Programming
    24:46 Hybrid Learning 2020-2021
    27:48 Current CH-CH Students Talk Memories from 9th Grade
    31:47 Current Students: Why I Chose CH-CH
    34:52 Current Parents Discuss the College Process at CH-CH
    39:56 Current Parents: Why We Chose CH-CH
    42:10 Current Students and Parents Explain Weekly Progress Reports and Advisory
    48:34 Current Students: “We have the opportunity to lead, and explore new activities, academics, and athletics at CH-CH
    50:50 Current Parents: “We are so impressed with the constructive relationships students and teachers build together over four years”
    52:04 Current Parents discuss the amount of leadership opportunities at CH-CH
    53:08 Co-Curricular Requirements, Athletics and Arts
    56:24 Embracing an Inclusive Environment Between Day and Boarding Students
    57:49 Support Services Available for Students

Educational Consultants Admissions Webinar

Educational Consultants, this webinar is made for you! Watch as our admissions team, administrators, teachers, students, and parents discuss their experience at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School. This webinar is designed to give you all the up-to-date information you will need, including how we are approaching our return to school.

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  • Educational Consultants Webinar Timestamps

    0:01 Introduction and Overview - Lisa Pelrine, Director of Enrollment Management
    1:40 Administration, Faculty, and Student Introductions
    4:07 Students - What other Independent Schools did you consider when applying to CH-CH?
    6:11 Parent Introductions & where my student attended before CH-CH
    13:13 Overview and Mission of CH-CH - Josh Bubar, Assistant Head of School
    14:50 Weekly Student Schedule, Flexibility of 75-minute classes, Experiential Learning, and Skills and Academic Support
    20:12 Foundation of Student Life - Clubs, Grade-Level Meetings, Advisory and Assembly.
    22:06 Mandatory Co-Curriculars - Athletics, Arts, and Independent Studies
    24:59 COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures for the 2020-2021 School Year
    26:29 College Counseling, CH-CH’s Philosophy of Finding the Best Fit School, and Matriculation
    28:38 Visiting CH-CH, Fall Drive-Thru Open Houses, and Virtual Visits
    30:56 Applying to CH-CH, Common App and SSAT
    32:02 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging - Nikki Turpin, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    32:38 2020-2021 Training, Education, and Anti-Racist Action Planning
    34:01 Curriculum, Access and Assessment
    35:28 Mental Health, Wellness, Community Connections
    36:37 Q&A: Student Voices - What equity, inclusion, and leadership work looks like at CH-CH
    41:48 Q&A: Parent Voices - CH-CH’s Welcoming and Inclusive Environment
    43:35 Weekly Progress Reports and Robust Grade Level Programming
    45:20 Student Voices - Mentorship and Connections with Advisors Throughout the Years
    46:36 Parent Voices - Impact and Support of Advisory Program Beyond High School
    48:54 Q&A: Public and Therapeutic School Students Who Find Success at CH-CH
    50:34 Q&A: Brand-New Visual and Performing Arts Center, Arts Integrated into Curriculum, STEAM

From Montessori to CH-CH

CH-CH welcomes students from a wide range of Montessori schools, in this session you will hear from parents and students from Montessori that have found success at CH-CH. Current faculty and administrators join the conversation for a Q&A session as well.

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  • From Montessori to CH-CH Timestamps

    0:59 Webinar Overview - Lisa Pelrine, Director of Enrollment Management
    1:48 Administration, Faculty, Student, and Parent Introductions
    4:32 CORE Values at CH-CH
    5:04 Curriculum - Differentiated Instruction and Multiple Intelligences
    8:52 Opportunities - Matriculation, Athletics, and the Arts
    11:08 Relationships - Dedicated and Involved Teachers, Mentorship Beyond the Classroom, Life-Long Relationships
    14:37 Empathy - Community Service, Integrated into Curriculum, Experiential Learning, Partnership with Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project
    16:38 Student Voices - “Why I chose CH-CH above other schools”
    18:11 Parent Voices - “Why we ultimately chose CH-CH…Core values, co-curriculars and more”
    22:34 Parent Voices “The small class sizes at CH-CH allow every student to excel and actively engage, virtually and in-person”
    23:45 Student Voices - “The Transition from Montessori to CH-CH”
    25:02 Student Schedule, Office Hours, and Skills and Academic Support
    30:36 “Are there opportunities for students to join or start a club on campus?”
    32:28 Parent Voices - “weekly progress notes and school communication are refreshing, you connect with your students while they gain their independence”
    33:35 Student Voices “Day students have the ability to join boarders in weekend activities and study hall”
    35:15 Parent Voices “My day student loves being on campus so much we call her the boarder without a bed”
    36:09 - Students and Parents Characterize the Level of Homework, coming from a Montessori School
    38:04 Athletics Program and League Overviews
    40:08 Students & Parents: “What advice would you give an 8th grader going through the admissions process?
    42:49 Parent Voices “Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. CH-CH uniquely tailors the admissions process for every student.”
    45:34 Upcoming Admissions Events, Virtual and On-Campus Interviews, Drive-Thru Open Houses
    48:20 Applying to CH-CH, Deadlines, Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities
    51:25 Independent Study Opportunities

From Carroll School to CH-CH

Watch as Josh Bubar, Assistant Head of School, and Lisa Pelrine, Director of Enrollment Management, discuss Carroll student experiences, how CH-CH is approaching teaching and learning, and more!

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  • From Carroll School to CH-CH Timestamps

    00:00 Welcome from Lisa Pelrine, Director of Enrollment Management
    00:43 Josh Bubar, Assistant Head of School, Overview of CH-CH’s Approach
    1:48 Fast Facts
    2:27 Daily Schedule
    5:17 Skills and Academic Support
    8:45 Co-Curricular Offerings
    10:27 Overview of CH-CH During COVID-19
    12:36 What are boarding students doing this fall?
    14:06 Opportunities and Matriculation of CH-CH Graduates
    15:24 Upcoming Fall Admissions Events
    21:15 Testing and Applying to CH-CH
    26:14 Need-Based Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities
    29:21 What is the Learning Profile from Carroll is Supported at CH-CH?
    32:44 Do many CH-CH students have IEPs?
    35:06 Does CH-CH provide auditory support for students with auditory processing?
    36:10 Structure and Benefits of Office Hours
    38:58 Weekly Progress Notes, Explained
    40:43 Are Sports Teams Open to All Students?
    45:23 How Does CH-CH Ensure New 10th Graders are Welcomed to the Community?
    48:15 How are the Arts Tied into the Academic Programming?
    51:20 Foreign Language Requirement, Explained
    53:42 Study Abroad and Experiential Learning Programming

Talk CH-CH with Alumni

Watch parents and current students from Acera School, Atrium School, Cambridge Friends School, and Waldorf School of Lexington talk about their transition to Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School.

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  • Talk CH-CH with Alumni Timestamps

    0:01 Welcome and Overview, Lisa Pelrine, Director of Enrollment Management
    0:26 Administration, Faculty, Student, Parent Introductions
    7:36 Portrait of a CH-CH Graduate - Kelly Walsh, Director of 9th and 10th Grade
    8:20 Hallmarks of the Delivery of CH-CH’s Academic Program - Skill Building, Differentiation, and Student Voices
    10:35 Yearlong Courses, Electives, and Office Hours, explained
    14:07 Hybrid Learning Model 2020-2021
    16:56 Student Voices - Exploring Interests with Independent Study Opportunities
    18:54 Student Voices - “There are similarities and constructive differences between Acera and CH-CH”
    20:36 Parent Voices - “Coming to CH-CH from Acera was a great choice for us. Flexibility and Support.”
    22:35 Makerspace, STEAM, and Engineering Academic Integration and Opportunities
    24:08 Parent Voices - Student Leadership and Skill Building through STEAM and Makerspace
    25:25 Student Voices - “While CH-CH is a small school, you will always find students with similar interests as you.”
    26:59 Parent Voices - “We chose CH-CH over other independent and public schools because…”
    28:37 Parent Voices - “CH-CH is a community that teaches to love to learn and build each other up”
    30:18 Parent Voices “The college process at CH-CH is a phenomenal experience. Constant communication, essay writing, teacher recommendations, and more!”
    31:42 The Transition from Cambridge Friends School to CH-CH
    35:03 Student Voices - “I chose CH-CH because I knew I would never be lost. Teachers truly care about students' wellbeing inside and beyond the classroom. I’ve found my community”
    36:18 Student Voices - The Transition to CH-CH from Atrium
    38:46 - Parent Voices - The Transition to CH-CH from Atrium
    40:35 Student Voices - “Coming from Atrium, I chose CH-CH because the facilities it offers and the environment it fosters”
    41:45 Parent Voices - “We chose CH-CH because the main focus of the school was the students and the community.”
    42:48 Parent Voices - “The diversity of the student body is real at CH-CH. It is one of the most diverse independent schools I’ve ever seen and depicts a society I want my child to live in.”
    44:05 How would CH-CH characterize the level of homework?
    45:29 Student Voices - “As a student with anxiety, I’ve learned how to better manage my homework and focus on understanding the content of the class.”
    46:12 Student Voices - “The amount of homework is manageable due to Office Hours being part of the daily schedule.”
    50:24 Parent Voices - “As the parent of a child with ADHD and Executive Functioning issues, the SAS Program helped tremendously in 9th grade.”
    53:27 MyCH-CH - Parents and Students landing page for academic resources and reports, updated weekly!

From Public School & Homeschool to CH-CH

Join us as parents and students from across Massachusetts discuss their transition from various public schools to Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall. The panel features teachers and administrators talking about the overall CH-CH experience, as well as CH-CH's approach to teaching and learning in the 2020-2021 year. The session ends with a Q&A with all the participants.

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  • From Public School and Home School to CH-CH Timestamps

    0:02 Webinar Overview - Lisa Pelrine, Director of Enrollment Management
    0:41 Faculty, Student, and Parent Introductions
    5:27 Overview of CH-CH and Fast Facts - Josh Bubar, Assistant Head of School
    6:29 Weekly Student Schedule, Built like a College Schedule
    9:09 Office Hours and Skills & Academic Support Built Into the Day
    9:49 Advisory Groups, Weekly Progress Reports, and Constant Communication with Families
    11:09 Grade-Level Meetings and Programming
    12:03 Mandatory Co-Curricular Programs: Theatre, Arts, and Robust Athletics Offerings
    13:39 COVID-19 Response, Protocols, Procedures, and Hybrid Learning Model for 2020-2021
    14:59 Matriculation, Higher Education Opportunities, CH-CH’s Philosophy of Best-Fit College
    17:06 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at CH-CH - Nikki Turpin, Director of DEI
    17:40 Training, Education, and Anti-Racist Action Planning
    19:18 Curriculum, Access, and Assessment
    20:43 Mental Health, Wellness, and Community Connections
    22:38 Structure of Office Hours and Preparing Students for College
    25:43 Student Voices “Coming from a big public high school, I love how office hours are part of the daily schedule. You have opportunities to ask questions.”
    26:33 Student Voices - “As a current senior and coming from public school, office hours are more 1 on 1 when public school study halls are huge and has no teacher.”
    27:50 Parent Voices - “Mandatory office hours for underclassmen taught my daughter how to advocate for herself and ask questions as an upperclassman.”
    29:01 Experiential Learning Opportunities in the Spring Trimester
    32:58 Students Characterize the Level of Homework
    37:19 Parent voices - “The homework level and daily student schedule allows students to manage their workload well.”
    37:46 Parent Voices - “CH-CH’s homework has purpose when my students’ public school gave hours and hours of busy work.” 39
    41:29 Parent Voices - “The college search and process is phenomenal. Every student is motivated, and the Common App/Essay is built into the curriculum. The Director of College Counseling truly finds the best-fit school based on each students’ academic and social strengths and skills.”
    45:59 Student Voices - “I am a procrastinating senior going through the college process, CH-CH has mapped out every step of the process since my junior year. It is mid-October and I’ve sent all my apps in.”
    47:31 “CH-CH has its heart in the right place and is doing all the work necessary to be a DEI-centric institution” - Nikki Turpin, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    49:06 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programming and Initiatives Incorporated into the Academic Curriculum
    50:26 Students and Parents - “I enrolled at CH-CH because…”
    54:24 Upcoming Drive-Thru Open Houses, In-Person or Virtual Tours & Interviews
    57:01 Applying to CH-CH, Deadlines, and Scholarship & Need-Based Financial Aid Opportunities
Located 10 miles from Boston, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall (CH-CH) is a private, college preparatory day and boarding school for grades 8-12/PG. CH-CH cultivates intellectual courage, creative ambition, and unwavering empathy that drives students to achieve their best.