Need-Based Financial Aid

Our School’s Financial Aid Philosophy

All families, whether they are admission applicants or returning students, can apply for financial aid and will be given equal and fair consideration. Further, CH-CH and SSS believe that a family has an obligation to fund a child’s education to the extent which the family is able, and we recognize that all families – whether or not they are receiving financial aid – sacrifice to enroll their students at CH-CH.

Need Based Financial Aid at CH-CH

The PFS is a comprehensive application that will take some time to complete. Give yourself the time you need by not waiting until the deadline to begin. You’ll need your most recent tax return before beginning the PFS. We recommend that you review the materials that SSS has put together to help families on their website, which can be found here. Even if you complete your admission and financial aid applications prior to the January 15 deadline, we will communicate decisions regarding both applications in March.

To begin your financial aid application, you will complete SSS’s Parent Financial Statement (PFS) via the SSS website There is a $55 non-refundable fee to process your PFS online. Please also note that our school ‘code’ for SSS is 2278.

Should you have any questions directly relating to your financial aid application, if you would like a better understanding of our school’s policies, or would like to personally speak with someone at CH-CH regarding financial aid, do not hesitate to contact Shannon Fortin, Associate Director of Admissions & Director of Financial Aid, at 781-314-0862 or at

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How is our family's contribution calculated?

    In making financial aid decisions, the Financial Aid Committee uses SSS, a service provided by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) to assist with creating an appropriate financial aid package for our families. The financial information that families provide to SSS via the Parent Financial Statement results in a ‘Report of Family Contribution,’ which is a numerical amount that SSS feels a family can afford for their student’s education – SSS puts the information provided into an equation, and that number is simply reported to each school to which a family is applying. Using this information as a starting point, the Financial Aid Committee evaluates each family’s situation individually while also considering school policy, practices, and available budget. At times the amount of an award may differ from that stated on the SSS report. Families should understand that, due to budget constraints and the amount of applicants’ needs each year, CH-CH cannot offer financial aid to all qualifying families, nor can the School always meet a family’s demonstrated need. While some families qualify for a substantial amount of aid, our policy is that a financial aid award will not exceed 90% of the total tuition. 
  • Q. What is your confidentiality policy?

    All information received by the Financial Aid Committee is kept confidential within the financial aid office. Members of the Financial Aid Committee are the only members of the community privy to this information and it is never discussed outside of this group of individuals. Financial aid documents are stored in compliance with state and federal guidelines.

  • Q. Do you offer financial aid to international families?

    In some cases, financial aid may be available to an international family. If you are an international student and believe your family may qualify, please contact the Financial Aid Committee to discuss what options may be available to you.
  • Q. What if I have trouble filling out the SSS online?

    If you are having technical difficulties with the SSS, please contact their support team directly at 800-344-8328. If you have questions regarding CH-CH policies, please do not hesitate to contact the financial aid office.
  • Q.
    If my student currently receives financial aid at CH-CH, do I need to reapply for financial aid each year?

    Yes. Each year, returning families will need to reapply by completing a PFS by December 16th as well as submitting the current year’s tax documents. If a returning family previously receiving financial aid at CH-CH completes the application by the deadline and demonstrates a need each year, the School remains committed to supporting such students. The Financial Aid Committee will reevaluate each family’s financial situation and make an award appropriate for that family. All returning families must be in good standing both academically and financially before they are granted an award for the next school year.
  • Q.
    I am a current CH-CH family, but I am applying for financial aid for the first time. What is the process?

    Parents/guardians of returning students are required to complete the financial aid application and submit all required documents by January 15. Though any returning family may apply for financial aid, primary consideration is given to those families whom initially entered CH-CH as financial aid recipients and new admissions applicants.
  • Q. What is your policy regarding parents who live in separate households?

    The Financial Aid Committee requires both parents/guardians to submit a Parent Financial Statement and tax documents.  If one parent is uninvolved in the child’s life and has been for some time, the family must provide us with a statement to this effect from a lawyer, school official, clergy member, or other third party who is aware of the situation in a professional capacity. Parents within the same household should complete only ONE PFS. A financial aid application is considered incomplete until all custodial and non-custodial parents/guardians have submitted the aforementioned information.
For 2024-2025 Applications:

By 12/15/2023
By 1/15/2024
By 2/15/2024
  • 2023 W2, tax returns and all schedules
  • If self-employed, please submit: 2022 K1 and associated Business returns (1120s/1065)
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