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Michael Streeter

Skills and Academic Support Teacher
Varsity Volleyball Assistant Coach, JV Boys Basketball Coach
Education: Wesley College - B.A., Dual Major in Business Administration & Political Science
University of Massachusetts - M.Ed., Human Development 

“I am inspired by students who demonstrate a growth mindset on a daily basis. Their intentions to become and remain lifelong learners is a reassurance of my purpose in service as an educator.”

How does your job impact students? Why are you passionate about that?
As an educator, coach, mentor, and advisor, there are many ways in which my roles continue to prepare me to impact students. In particular, I believe that it is my responsibility to make myself available for my coworkers, students, and their families. These various roles encompass the elements of service such as critical thinking, stewardship, and solidarity; each is essential to developing as well as maintaining a culture that fosters holistic, caring and empathy amongst students. I am passionate about impacting students due largely in part of my own personal educational experiences. Pursuing a career in education is an undertaking that requires the intricate development of a young person’s character. To serve as an educator requires that you devote your time, energy and attention to the intrinsic investment of self-discovery and realization. By doing so, you subconsciously model the valued expectations of character that are vital to the emotional as well as cognitive development of a student. To paraphrase the wise words of the slain civil rights’ activist,  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “ Intelligence plus Character, that is the goal of true education.”

When did you know that you wanted to teach?
Prior to graduating from Wesley College as an undergraduate, I did not have much of a desire to become a teacher. That all changed during my final semester. While taking Statistics, a prerequisite for completion of my B.S. in Business Administration, I missed the qualifying score to pass by a few points. As a first-generation college student, I was devastated because I felt as though I let down my entire family. In the blink of an eye, I would have to figure out how to finance the credits necessary to graduate, as well as room and board. I sought the counsel of the Dean of Students of Wesley College, Wanda Anderson. She invited me into her office and listened to me vent about my frustrations pertaining to my predicament. I remember her kind words immediately lifting me from my pit of mental and emotional despair. “You’re going to make a great teacher one day...particularly a great math teacher”. Her words left me puzzled at first reaction. I was caught off guard by her suggestion as if she was mocking me with her indifference. “How could I become a great teacher, if I can’t even graduate undergrad?” She replied by saying, “You’re going to become a great teacher because you will encounter a student that is on the verge of passing and failing, and you will be more inclined to help them succeed because you will know how it feels”. I still remember her words. They become crystal clear with restorative qualities to boost my self-esteem at times in which I become discouraged. I become cognizant of my purpose within the field of education that aligns with service to students and their families.

What about our students inspires you as an educator?
There are multiple aspects of teaching students at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall that inspires me. The most prominent reason being that students at CH-CH derive from diverse walks of life; be it students from every economic class, students from various ethnicities, who identify with multiple cultures and speak an array of languages. In addition to students who have traveled in some instances, from around the world to attend CH-CH, speaks to its credibility as an institution of higher learning, as well as the commitment that parents, grandparents, and guardians have made to invest in their child’s education and ultimately, future. Moreover, I am inspired by students at CH-CH, who demonstrate a growth mindset on a daily basis. Their intentions to become and remain lifelong learners is a reassurance of my purpose in service as an educator.

Located 10 miles from Boston, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall (CH-CH) is a private, college preparatory day and boarding school for grades 8-12/PG. CH-CH cultivates intellectual courage, creative ambition, and unwavering empathy that drives students to achieve their best.