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Jaehong K. (he/his/him)

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Co-curriculars and Clubs at CH-CH:  Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Students of Color Alliance (SOCA), Cavalry, National Honor Society, Math Club, Student Council, Multicultural Club. 
Fun Facts About Me: I speak two languages fluently, I'm an RA in the Worcester Hall Dorm, and I play guitar. 

Why I Chose CH-CH: I chose CH-CH because it is a small community where you get to know each other easily. I also liked that the class proportion is about 1:10, so I can get help from my teachers occasionally. I was scared about being alone in an unfamiliar place, but the dorm community and school helped me to be a part of it and feel included right away. 
Located 10 miles from Boston, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall is a college preparatory school that teaches the way students learn. The School welcomes students with diverse learning styles and helps them to develop self-confidence and achieve academic success through personalized, integrated learning. Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall offers 180 boarding and day students a richly diverse cultural and academic environment and opportunities to engage in the arts, athletics and community service.