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Greetings, and welcome to Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall! I have no doubt that our website is providing you with a wonderful overview of the people, programs and philosophies that make our educational experience truly transformational for students and educators alike. This site is a great place to begin to uncover what separates our school from many other challenging, independent college prep schools in the Boston area. It is my hope that you will take some time to explore, reflect and project as you are introduced to our vibrant, diverse community.

Simply put, CH-CH students possess a wide range of interests, talents and academic backgrounds coupled with a desire to discover their potential, realize their excellence and achieve greater success. Our small class sizes, open discussions and caring relationships enable our faculty to identify the specific strengths and interests of each student, and build upon them. At Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, we don’t ask the question “How smart are you?” but instead we ask, “How are you smart?” Each individual’s answer inevitably allows our educators to teach the way students learn, and this is the #1 differentiator leading our 100 Things We Love About CH-CH:
I invite you to take a brief minute to view the video above to learn more about what drives me and how the proposition of a CH-CH education is truly transformational for so many of our students.

We hope to see you on campus soon!
Lance Conrad
Head of School
B.A., Bowdoin College
M.Ed., Harvard Graduate School of Education
M.A.T., Graduate Center of Marlboro College
Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Frequently Asked Questions for Dr. Conrad

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What's M.I., and what does it mean for Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall?

    The theory of multiple intelligences (M.I.) was established by Harvard psychologist Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983 with his groundbreaking book, Frames of Mind.  Gardner’s theory originally defined seven (plus two have been added) particular areas of human understanding, or aptitudes, that can be viewed both independently and in concert with one another: verbal/linguistic, mathematical/logical, bodily/kinesthetic, rhythmic/musical, spatial/visual, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, and existential.  He proposes that this is a better framework for human understanding and intelligence than a single psychometric measure, such as IQ, and I agree with him.

    At CH-CH, we recognize that students have different aptitude strengths and different interests, passions and motivators.  Each student’s M.I. profile needs to be understood and leveraged in various teaching and learning environments nurtured around campus throughout the day.  Learn more about Our Approach here.

  • I hear that you're an M.I. school; tell me about that.

    The pedagogical vehicle for delivering our college prep curriculum is differentiated instruction. Using M.I. theory as a framework for better understanding our students as thinkers and learners, CH-CH employs differentiated instruction as a means to discover multiple entry points into the curriculum for the various types of learners it serves. The School believes that wedding the M.I. framework with differentiated instruction offers its students the best possibilities of improved learning outcomes while maintaining its mission to be a college preparatory secondary school.

    Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall is not alone in its philosophy and approach to education, specifically teaching and learning. Around the country and around the world, schools have been adopting M.I. theory for the past 30 years as the basis for their approach to education. Many of these schools also embrace differentiated instruction as a means to an ends for the reasons noted above. While differentiated instruction is not the only way to deliver an M.I.-informed curriculum, CH-CH is among a growing group of secondary schools looking to differentiate instruction while presenting a college preparatory curriculum for its high school students. The ultimate goal is to best prepare students for the challenges of undergraduate education and 21st century citizenship.

    Click here to see how M.I. comes to life in a calculus class at CH-CH.

  • What makes CH-CH different from other independent schools?

    Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall is a small, coeducational college preparatory school for students in grades 9-PG that is dedicated to teaching the way students learn.  The curriculum challenges our students while our multiple intelligences approach to teaching and learning both values and supports the different ways students learn.  A dynamic mix of day and boarding students energizes our campus and creates opportunities for students to engage with each other in the arts, athletics, campus activities and community service. All our students are accepted into college or university with an emphasis on finding the best fit for their ambitions and interests. Moreoever, our independent school is located just ten miles from Boston.

  • Will my student be known here?

    Absolutely!  With a 5:1 student-to-teacher ratio and a commitment to building partnerships that are beyond transactional and truly transformational, my faculty and staff understand the value and importance I place on relationships.  This is at the heart of what one parent recently referred to as “the secret sauce.”

  • What's your vision for the School?

    In 2020, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall will champion a transformational learning environment where every student can and will experience success partnering with a faculty second to none in the field of differentiated instruction and the understanding of multiple intelligences (M.I.).  The School will experience robust enrollment, improved campus facilities and grounds, renovated classrooms and new learning spaces, and a reputation as an internationally distinguished practitioner of M.I. theory of human understanding for teaching and learning.  The success of our institutional advancement efforts will aid in forging new partnerships and collaborations that transcend campus life and the CH-CH community.

  • Do you have a strategic plan guiding your work?

    During the winter and spring of 2016, the Board of Trustees, school leadership, and administrative team at Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall engaged in a seven-step process to strategize and prepare the 2020 Strategic Plan:
    1. Respecting the Long-Range Plan, Mission, Brand and Vision statements
    2. Assessing the success of the 2013-16 Strategic Plan
    3. Completing the “Advancing the Institution” exercise as designed by the Head of School
    4. Identifying and collecting Board leadership’s key strategic issues
    5. Honoring the NEASC/CIS visiting team’s report successfully re-accrediting CH-CH in February, 2016
    6. Engaging in standing Board committee strategic planning discussions
    7. Empowering wide community input from various constituent groups: administration/staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and students
    As an ad hoc of the Finance Committee, the Strategic Financial Planning Committee gathered data and insights during a two-day Board Retreat in late-March/early-April.  From these important sessions, a draft version of the 2020 Strategic Plan was adapted and adopted in concert with the many interests, goals and objectives of the School as spelled out in the CH-CH Long-Range Plan.  This document represents the collective strategic objectives and specific implementation methods that comprise the Strategic Plan, as well as several supporting reference documents located in the appendix. An overview of the 2020 Strategic Plan can be found here.

  • Tell me about the CH-CH board.

    I am fortunate to work with and for a very talented group of trustees that invest a great deal of time, talent and treasure into the School.  Our volunteer board comprises alumni, parents, past parents, and friends of CH-CH.  We have an international presence on the board that assists in diversifying our perspectives on the CH-CH experience.  I have found that since my arrival in 2006, the board has been incredibly supportive of my leadership and partners with me on all things strategic.  They are engaged, active and dedicated to the mission of the School.  Meet the board here.

  • What do you love most about your work at CH-CH?

    My students and colleagues.  The CH-CH community is vibrant and spirited.  The positive climate and culture of the School inspire me each day.  I am incredibly fortunate to work in such a dynamic, transformational learning environment.  

    For example, when we surprised everyone by introducing our brand new Charger mascot, I was anxious to see how he would be received by the CH-CH community. It turned out that his reception was remarkable! We had a student-wide vote to name the new addition to our campus, “Chargie”. Now, students request Chargie to be at all kinds of CH-CH events, and even volunteer themselves to become the Charger mascot. Everywhere Chargie goes on campus, he is swarmed by photos and high-fives. The openness, excitement and active involvement was truly representative of life here at CH-CH.


Dr. Conrad was named Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School’s eighth Head of School in 2009. His formal education includes: 
  • Bachelor’s degree (History; Government/Legal Studies) from Bowdoin College
  • Master’s in Education (Teaching & Curriculum) from the Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Master’s in Teaching (Internet Technologies) from the Graduate Center of Marlboro College
  • Doctoral degree (Educational Leadership) from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
Dr. Conrad has over twenty years of experience in independent education at schools including:
  • Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School
  • Cushing Academy
In 2008, he was awarded an NAIS Fellowship for Aspiring Heads and attended the Aspiring Heads Leadership Institute.  He has also attended other NAIS leadership development programs such as: 
  • the School Leadership Program for Emerging Leaders (2002)
  • Institute for New Heads (2009)
Before joining CH-CH as Assistant Head in 2006, he was the Director of Teaching & Learning with Internet Technologies and the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs at Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, MA. He currently lives in neighboring Lexington with his wife, Sarah, and two children, Jake and Janie. Sarah is the Chief Program Officer for the Steppingstone Foundation in Boston.

Mission Statement

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School is a college preparatory, day and boarding school that embraces differences in learning style and culture in a richly diverse and supportive community. We challenge young men and women to realize their individual potential, experience academic success, and develop moral strength and personal integrity.

White Papers

As part of his studies in the Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Dr. Conrad produced dozens of “white papers” from 2012-15 on a variety of school leadership topics.  Below, find a sampling of some of that writing.  We hope it will provide insight into his educational philosophy and leadership style.

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We Teach the Way Students Learn

Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School is a small, coeducational college preparatory school dedicated to teaching the way students learn. Our faculty, over 70% of whom have advanced degrees, offers instruction tailored to individual learning styles and strengths, empowering our students to achieve their potential. Our multiple intelligences approach to teaching and learning both values and addresses the different ways students learn. Our curriculum challenges and engages students, with support seamlessly integrated into the classes and culture of the School. All our students are accepted into college or university with an emphasis on finding the best fit for their ambitions and interests. Diversity thrives in a social climate of acceptance. A dynamic mix of day and boarding students energizes our campus and creates opportunities for students to engage with each other in the arts, athletics, campus activities and community service. Our alumni/ae describe their experience at CH-CH as truly transformational. Our private, independent school is located ten miles from Boston.