Contact Information (NEW STUDENTS)

Contact Information will need to be completed for all new students.  Ensuring that this information is complete and accurate is vital to the creation of school records.  From the creation of individual myCH-CH accounts to the compilation of emergency notification contact information, the School will rely on this information throughout the academic year.

Please take the necessary time to accurately record the student, household, and parent and/or guardian information requested.  If this information should change during the course of the academic year, please contact the Executive Assistant at 781-314-0802
After pressing "Submit" you may see a message that states:

 "Inquiry Saved. Thank You." or "The Form has been successfully submitted."

This indicates that CH-CH has received the information.  Please do not reload or refresh the page.  After submitting the form, you may move onto the next relevant form.
Below are the next steps to learn more and stay engaged with CH-CH. Complete the Inquiry Form to hear CH-CH news and upcoming events. Book an in-person or virtual tour and interview, it's the best way to experience what makes CH-CH such an inspiring and engaging environment for our students. You can always contact our admissions office with any questions at
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