Vehicle Use Agreement (SELECT STUDENTS)

This form is only for students who are licensed drivers.

All students are afforded the privilege of using a vehicle for the sole purpose of commuting to and from school in accordance with Massachusetts state code and federal law. Please note that boarding students are only allowed driving privileges for the sole purpose of transportation to and from home on weekends and must otherwise remain parked at school during all other times.

As a parent, I agree that my child will adhere to the posted speed limit of 5 m.p.h. while on campus. All students must park their vehicles in the parking lot at the Lexington Street entrance adjacent to the Learning Commons and leave it there until the end of the academic day (after sports and activities).  At no point should student vehicles be entering campus from the Beaver Street entrance.  Furthermore, I recognize that driving off campus without permission is a trust violation and subject to disciplinary consequences applicable to a major offense. Lastly, I acknowledge that if found to be in violation of the Vehicle Use Agreement, my child may be asked to forfeit his/her driving privileges.

Vehicle Use Agreement

Vehicle Information: Provide PLATE NUMBER & STATE, MAKE, MODEL, and COLOR)
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