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Arrival and Departure Agreement (ALL BOARDERS)

It is required that all boarding students departing from, and returning to, campus sign-out/in face-to-face with the houseparent on duty, the AOD (Administrator on Duty), or the Ms. Daniels in Morgan Hall. It is also required that prior to departures, we must receive written notification from the Parent or Guardian acknowledging the date, time and travel details for the student.

According to the Student Handbook, “Parents or guardians and students are expected to be familiar with the school calendar and plan vacations accordingly.” All students should make their travel arrangements so that they will be in attendance when school is in session.

For each of these breaks, boarding students will be expected to leave no earlier, and return no later, than the date and time indicated in the Planner and on the schedule below. If, however, you know before the dates of these breaks that your student will be missing classes because of an early departure or a late return, you must contact your student’s Program Director for approval. (Please refer to the Student Handbook: Exam Periods, Vacations and Travel Plans.)

To acknowledge your understanding of the boarders’ break schedule, as well as the parent's or guardian's and student's commitment to observing vacation and break protocol, we ask that you read the responsibility paragraph below, and digitally sign it (by adding your initials) and click submit. Please also enter in your child's arrival and flight information for the start of the school year in September.

Once flight arrangements have been made for the remaining breaks, please send the information to the Director of Campus Life.

Arrival and Departure Agreement

“I am affirming my responsibility to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that my student will arrive and depart within the prescribed times. I am aware that failure to adhere to the cited attendance expectations can impact the academic and/or disciplinary status of my child.”
Please provide arrival and flight Information for the start of the school year (for non-local boarding students arriving by air):
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